Cliff swallows going to and from their nests.

And the flowers strewn across my path.

It was all worth it for the views.

And of course I did it, I’m a manly man

They said the trail is “a little technical in places,” but I didn’t know that meant I’d have to use ropes to get myself down to the canyon floor.

I really can’t get over this oleander. It’s 10 feet tall now and may soon eat my neighbor’s house.

Morning in the back yard

Welp. It’s time for some Serious Editing.

So, Wired, it has come to this.

Malcolm ten years ago today.

♫ I got friends in low places ♫

Malcolm is very happy after he has played in the garden hose.

These pictures are from the eastern side of the Skyline Drive this morning. The air was clear because the morning sun had burned off the mist. On the western side, just a few hunded yards away, the fog was so thick you couldn’t see anything.