Thirty-five years ago this month, I began my career as a full-time college teacher. And thirty-five years ago next month, Miami Vice premiered. I don’t know which was the more momentous event for American culture.

Over at The Pacey Winger, Hope for Bury. ⚽️

A long-standing wish: that music apps for phones would implement a software/touchscreen version of the original iPod’s scrollwheel interface. That was by far the best UI for finding and playing music: the current flick-and-tap system is a big step backwards.

Our dear boy Malcolm has always had trouble with stairs and steps, but it’s gotten worse lately. Turns out that he has a deficiency of proprioception: he knows he has legs but he never knows quite where they are! Our vet was able to demonstrate this to us in comical but also touching ways. We are thinking of how we might make life easier for Malcolm in light of this curious problem.

Newsletter time — a single-subject one, and a pretty darn interesting subject it is.