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Anselm Kiefer, Book with Wings

Kimbell Art Museum

Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Of course this is a word. “She blinded me with scients.” Duh.

I like walking in my neighborhood primarily because of all the live oaks — but I can’t really capture the look of things on my iPhone’s camera — I need a long lens. It’s incredibly useful to have a decent camera always in my pocket, but “decent” is really all it is.

You know, Jaron Lanier makes a strong case. I have deactivated my Instagram account, which was driving me crazy anyway. Is Twitter next?

Malcolm posing for his photo shoot this morning.

I really do think this is a great service, and I’d like to be here regularly, but I wonder how much longer I’ll do this if no one I know (or almost no one I know) is here. I’m keeping fingers crossed that friends will show up!

I read a number of early- to mid-career Philip Roth novels, and … that’s all I need to read.

Maybe this is a function of incipient old age, but it feels good. It feels good to say, “Nah, Roth’s not for me. Maybe he wrote some great books, maybe I would love some of them, but nothing I’ve read so far makes me think that reading more Roth would be a better use of my time than reading some other stuff.”

Damon Linker:

I think the pope’s strategy for a longer game displays greater psychological acuity — and Machiavellian cunning. Francis may be betting that once the church stops preaching those doctrines that conflict most severely with modern moral norms, the number of people who uphold and revere them will decline rapidly (within a generation or two). Once that has happened, officially changing the doctrine will be much easier and much less likely to provoke a schism (or at least a major one) than it is in the present.

That’s the great advantage of pursuing a strategy of stealth reform: The seed planted now with a minimum of conflict bears fruits in the future with even less.

It’s never been more obvious that this is precisely what Pope Francis has in mind.

This is extremely shrewd and very plausible indeed by Damon.

Morning walk.

The Pacey Winger approves of the hire of Unai Emery.

John Ruskin: Fit the Second #textpatterns